Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What is the Stegosaurus?

You might be wondering "who is this asshole with an opinion like every other prepubescent kid on the internet today?" Well, I can truthfully say that I am no different from any other person. My purpose -- the existence for this medium -- is simple. I need a place where I can exhibit some of my work for criticism, even from those bastards on the talk-backs. There was once a great man of influence in my life that once told me this: "If you wait for the last minute to do something, that something will only take one minute." Wise words from one of the greatest procrastinators that I have ever known. So why am I here? Well, I'm tired of procrastination. This reformed go doer is currently an animation student up north. What makes a good animator you say? Why that would be life art. My life art...shitty. No worries, practice is the only way to become better.

Now I know what you are thinking right now: "Hey mister, whats the deal with the stegosaurus?" Oh so it is a history lesson you want; well here you go:

In the year 1914, a young cartoonist named Winsor McCay decided to completely make his life a living hell by drawing an image, then repeating the process, with little movement, over and over again. What he drew was Gertie the Dinosaur. Although this was not by any stretch of the imagination considered the first animated film, it is the first character driven animated film; one that shows emotion and personality.

So where does the stegosaurus come in? Well, as far as I conceive, little miss Gertie the Dinosaur appears to be a brontosaurus. I am currently representing the stegosaurus to be what Gertie once brought to audiences: emotion, personality, and many lines of pencil drawings that put a smile on people's faces. With this stegosaurus, I hope to bring my work to the table...and possibly bring back the Vaudeville theater to the masses...who knows

Oh...what is gao? Gao is the sound that the stegosaurus makes. It goes a little something like this:

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